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Do You Always Need to Update Your WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins have been used to manage different types of functionalities that can be used to fulfill user customs changes. Similar to the way mobile applications do for your smartphone WordPress plugin functionalities changes day by day as per WordPress behavior also for user requirements as well. WordPress is designed so that other developers can add their code to it to make it more reliable for users. The WordPress plugin API offers a robust set of hooks and filters which allow developers to modify existing WordPress functionality or add new functionality. Nowadays, WordPress plugins are the basic need of every user; they activate different types of plugins to complete their purpose.

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How to install the WordPress plugin:

You can easily find and install WordPress plugins from the WordPress directory. You can do the following steps to install WordPress plugins.

  1. Login into your WordPress site by typing yousitename/wp-admin.
  2. Go to Dashboard and find plugins which are located left sidebar.
  3. Now click on add new plugins button.
  4. You can see many plugins and find more of your desired ones by searching here.
  5. Now install plugins by clicking install plugin.
  6. At last active, your plugin

You can also add WordPress plugins by uploading zip files:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on plugins.
  3. Now click on add new plugins button
  4. You can upload the plugin or drag the plugin file here.
  5. New install your plugin
  6. Activate your plugin.
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There are two types found in WordPress plugins:

1- Free WordPress Plugin:

WordPress free plugins have limited access to their functionalities and limited functionalities for the user. Because they have some unique functions, they are not free, but many free WordPress plugins have many functionalities. Users can easily install the plugin and do many things they want.

2- Premium WordPress Plugin:

WordPress premium plugins have lots of premium functionality Users can do many premium things and add many premium functions to their existing site or template. WordPress allows users to add multiple premium or free version plugins in their theme and access different types of WordPress functionalities as per user requirements.

WordPress Blog Plugin :

WordPress blog plugins are used for managing blogging websites of WordPress. WordPress has different types of templates for blogging sites. WordPress blog plugins are primarily standard in WordPress. Most people use WordPress blog plugins to customize blog posts or other purposes. 

WordPress blog plugins or other plugins must be updated to maintain WordPress health and plugin functionalities. Plugin founders make plugins for a user, but they change or add some new things to plugin day by day; therefore, the plugin maker companies update their plugins to add additional settings for user compliance.


WordPress plugins are safe to use which in on WordPress directory. WordPress has its own highly secured system, which detects plugins first then they can be uploaded by developers. WordPress is not allowed any threatening plugins or software which can damage or harm the WordPress site. Wordpree prioritizes user data security; therefore, it will enable only authorized plugins.

There are over 50,000 free plugins available in the WordPress directory. Most plugins are free for users, but some are paid plugins for their premium functionality. WordPress paid plugins also have demos or free trial days, so users can quickly check plugin functionality and feel relaxed about buying it.

WordPress blog plugins mostly use in blog sites for different purposes. Users can easily find the compatible WordPress blog plugin in the WordPress directory. Some free plugins have limited functionalities, but we recommend using the first free WordPress plugins for a trial; if the plugin matches your requirement, you can buy the premium version of that plugin. 

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WordPress Web Designer:

WordPress web designers develop or customize an existing theme for user compliance. WordPress web designers implement WordPress templates for blogging websites, product base sites, and many more things for users. Many big companies hire a WordPress web designer to make their theme for their products sale or some other kind of purpose.

WordPress web designers develop new themes with code and use some WordPress plugins to give their music a specific functionality. Web designers pay attention to designs they get from the client or other sources and make the template per the given design.

WordPress themes depend on many templates. WordPress web designers make templates so that users can easily understand the functionality of the article also. Users can easily change the design and update content as well.

Web Design & Developement

The job of a WordPress web designer has different types; some web designers only design the theme using code. They only can create front-end design, and some web designers do backend functionalities which can help design to make changes by the user. The WordPress web designer, which does both the front end and back end from both sides, is called a full stack developer because they use multiple languages to develop new themes as per client requirements and give various functionalities to the WordPress theme.

The job of a WordPress web designer is very tough because they use multiple things to make a template with various functionalities. Their theme also supports different WordPress plugins.

Some WordPress themes do not support WordPress blog plugins or other plugins because WordPress web designers did not make these themes to support every plugin; they make them for use for some WordPress plugins.

WordPress designers design the website for every large screen ( Laptop or LCD ) or intelligent screen (mobile phones). The designs look different on mobile phones and laptops because they build structures per the user’s device, which users quickly approach the site and understand the web flow according to the site.

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