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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update On September 2022

Google announces the latest Core Algorithm update on the 12th of September, 2022. This statement came directly from the Google Search Liaison Twitter account saying:

Today we released the September 2022 core update. We’ll update our ranking release history page when the rollout is complete: https://t.co/sQ5COfdNcb

This announcement has just been followed by the “Helpful Content Update,” where many individuals considered it to be low impactful rather than some thought it proclaimed.

What Is the Context Of The Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Core Algorithm Updates are announced when Google establishes some changes or enhances their robots and algorithms to work even more intelligently. These updates are massive, and you can notice the result on SERPs all over the internet in terms of keyword ranking of websites.

Core Updates leave marks on rankings among every niche or business website. Google Core Algorithm Updates are intended to focus on multiple niches and enterprises. Wherever it operates with the ranking signals, you see the impact on a website’s real traffic, while an update runs over.

Google launches approximately 2-4 core algorithm updates in a year. The recent core update was in May 2022, launched after a delay of 189-days since the former core update.

google core algorithm update

Let’s Discuss More Core Algorithm Updates:

The primary purpose of making changes in the Algorithm is to enhance the quality of search results quality for Google’s users. This will help the user find the correct information they are searching for over the internet. With the help of these updates, Google helps to “isolate” low-quality websites and bring up accurate, informative websites for the user. These informative websites contain helpful content and better information and are more relevant to user search queries.

It does not specify that your website is penalized by Google’s algorithms whenever you see some conflicts in your rankings or traffic. These changes can be done by many other SEO factors or how Google observes your website’s activities, which can be good or worse. To maintain your website stats and rankings, you must act appropriately per Google’s instructions. Meanwhile, look up competitors performing well during a Core Algorithm Update. Analyze their website, follow the steps they are taking, and make sure to do it in a better way to see improvements.

Significant shifts appear in the first two days. However, Core Algorithm takes up to two weeks to completely roll out. Anyhow, prepare yourself for raised SERP fluctuations during this spam.

Mostly Question Asked: What Do I Do When My Ranking Drops?

As stated above, the primary purpose of Core Algorithm Update is to enhance the quality of search results quality for users all over the internet. During the Core Algorithm Update, if you encounter a massive drop in your ranking or traffic, then it’s time for you to revise your website as per Google’s instructions and change your marketing strategy.

Google provides the following guidance for publishers:

  • Update your content with helpful information that you are an expert.
  • Always write quality content that sustains users’ interest, and don’t follow a thin content strategy.
  • Use Grammarly for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Always write for the user, not for Google.
  • Keep it to the point, don’t lengthen the content to make it bigger.
  • Be aware of keyword cannibalization and over-optimization.
  • Use white hat techniques for high-quality backlinks.

Google loves websites that own content according to their niche. And to rank on Google Search Engine Result Page, your website content is continually updated as per your website category. Keep in mind that Google is just promoting high-quality results in search so that they can sell via ads. If you follow Google’s instructions and provide an improved user experience, your website starts getting high ranks.

google core algorithm update

What Will Be The Next Step?

During the update, you don’t need to change any significant part of the website. Just sit back and do your regular tasks and see how an update reacts to your website, as it is explosives in the start dates of the update. DigiCodz’s experts suggest you see how update affects your and your competitor’s website, analyze their sites, and apply those strategies to your site. 

If you are not an SEO expert, hiring a white label SEO expert in Australia who can assist you would be beneficial!

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