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How Long Will It Take Google to Index My Site?

Designing an attractive website and adding fresh content is not enough to reach the top position in Google search queries, until a Google bot crawl and indexes the website correctly. There are many vital aspects followed by Google bots to crawl and index a website.

The most usual query we get from our clients is: “My site is live for two weeks, and still Google has not indexed it, how come?

Crawling and indexing a website or specific page in Google is been very difficult in 2022 as it was soo easy six to seven years ago. According to the updated information, there are more the 200 million live websites over the internet globally, including 55 billion pages, that how Google bots and crawlers are high in demads.

A website designed with a low-quality development strategy and duplicate content can lead a website in a harmful way, whereas Google bots don’t prefer to crawl the page.

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How Long Does It Take For Google To Crawl My Site?

Site crawling and indexing takes some time as we listed the numbers of web sites available online at Google servers, plus how much the bots and crawlers are busy to handle them. Anyhow, the indexation of a web site in Google totally based on the complexity and the size of complete website. Website small in size usually get indexed within four days to six weeks, on the other side, website contains a lot of pages and considered as large web site consumes more than 6 months for Google to index site in search queries.

In common terms, a website with a lot of pages, categories, products, blogs, etc, and identical content throughout multiple websites (i.e. eCommerce store along with hundreds of products), will take a long period for Google to crawl it.

Time Duration of Google Index Site:

  • Tiny Sized Web sites (Less than 100 Pages) – Four Days – Six Weeks
  • Medium Sized Web sites (Up to 1000 Pages) – Forteen Days – Twelve Weeks
  • Extensive Web sites (1000+ Web Pages) – One Month to Six Months+

These calculations are just for information. Indexing time duration tottaly depends on the website size, content quality, and most importantly the niche you are trying to work in. Still if the site is not indexed in these according to time limits, DigiCodz will recommend you hire an SEO expert. They can manage to guide you or do some work for betterment.

Is there any way to get indexed faster in Google?

There are billions of fresh pages that Google bots and crawlers visit every day. And to remain on top, the first thing you need to focus on, that how easygoing and user-friendly your website is for not only Google bots but also for the end users. Secondly, the website content that you are sharing on a web page is valid. in any case, if bots don’t find your web page, it will take even more time to get a web page index. Some factors you should consider to improve visibility:

  • Design an internal link network, which shows the flow of the website.
  • Run an audit and solve the website issues.
  • Google loves new content, and adding new content regularly will keep your website updated.
  • Gain high-quality backlinks from other related websites.
  • Design user-friendly architecture for the website.
  • Enhance your site with the essential principles of technical SEO.
  • Set up the GSC and submit an XML sitemap.
  • For better user-experience design an HTML sitemap.
  • Submit the request for every single URL for better and fast crawling and indexing
  • Unique content writing is an extra boost for your website.
  • Well defined URL for each page is important.

Google’s top priority is its users and the website making them happy will get Google’s attention. If you are following the above checklist, Digicodz ensures you that your website is going to make a great worth in Google SERP.

google index site

How to check that my website is crawling and indexing in Google? 

Yes definitely, Google Search Console will help you in Google index checking if the website is crawled and when the last time Google bots visited the the specific page. You just need to set up a Google Search Console (GSC) account and connect it to the website. The approximate crawl duration for the latest website page can land between 3 days to 4-weeks.

Follow these steps when your GCS is configured:
  1. Get login to the GSC.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’.
  3. You will find “Crawl Stats” in the settings section.
  4. Click “Open Report”
  5. Now you can check the “Crawl Requests Breakdown” area and you will see the crawl response code.

Here you go, finished! You can notice the earlier period Google bots visited each web page by exploring it from the crawl requests breakdown by response code.

Covering up:

In this century, there are almost 200 million live websites around the globe with more than 55 billion indexed pages, this can surely clarify how busy bots are. And from that, you can assume that if you want your website to be indexed and appear in search engine result pages, then your website should contain some valuable content.

Got a website that sounds technical and not getting indexed, then it means that you are missing some essential factors. Some simple solutions can be creating quality content, on-site optimisation, and loading speed plus Google rank, index, and crawl a website that gives value to its visitor.

Yet didn’t get what is left and what should have to be done for indexing? Instead of just wandering around, it’s best to hire an SEO expert who understands the issues and guides you on how GSC operates. DigiCodz, SEO professionals can help you in this regard, reach us today and observe the changes in terms of ranking and traffic.

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