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How To Design A High-Converting PPC Landing Page?

Setting up your campaigns for Google Ads is just a single side of an image.

Conversion is the primary purpose to establish and run an ad. Once your campaign goes live and the website starts getting traffic, the next step is to design an impressive PPC landing page for your visitors. With the help of designing a specific landing page for this paid traffic, the chances of conversions raise, and you can get everything you need from your customers.

As you have read the title of this post, we are going to discuss how to enhance leads by designing a landing page for your website.

With the help of an amazingly designed PPC landing page, we are going to explain every single aspect of it bit by bit to help you better understand. There will be some differences that you are going to catch as compared to regular web pages.

PPC Landing Page

Utilise PPC Landing Page Tool:

Firstly, you will have an example for your landing page design. As each industry and its market is different. So this article is based on the most useful approaches and my knowledge. It’s not certain that this canvas will be the best for your web page.

In the line of digital marketing, every step demands testing. You can start designing numerous landing pages and do an A/B test and find out which one got more conversions.

Until you hold some wild agilities in website design, getting help from available tools to build your pages would be great. With the help of such amazing tools now it’s very easy to design a landing page for your website.

To explain things we are using an updated Instapage template for better knowledge.

Top Of The Page

PPC Landing Page

Have you glanced at any differences at the top? Usually, there is a menu bar with links to the website’s main pages.

Some say that an empty top will only let someone stuck on a page, but if you are spending some money to have a click, you definitely expect to see the elements of the sites. With some phrases you should witness your PPC ads as a funnel:

  • Impressions: Someone who notices your campaign.
  • Clicks: Individuals who got curious and click on your ad.
  • Leads: Visitors who fill in your contact form.

By letting the traffic browse your site freely, and spontaneously you are decreasing the chances to transform them into leads. Otherwise what else do they have on a single web page? Either bounce back to fill out the form.

Besides filling out the contact form, do mention your contact number at the top-right corner. But setup tracking for phone calls as well.

Header Portion

PPC Landing Page

The vital element of any landing page is the head portion. The finest approach to make your visitor build some interest is to say everything that he is looking for in the header area. This is where you can lead them from visitors to long-term customers.

The foremost region of designing a title is to write amazing lines for it, that is what your visitor peruse. Furthermore, as you might be designing a landing page for Google Ads campaigns and PPC Ads, the header text should be related to the keywords you are going to target.

Tons of designing tools permit using dynamic landing pages and keywords for PPC. This indicates that if someone searches for “expert website designers“, the headline can go as “Looking for expert website designers?”. Creative and attractive lines of text can have an optimistic influence on the user. And for search engines, the primary focus is to design a title as appropriate as feasible to the search of your visitors. This will not just enhance the features of your landing page but also improve the conversion rate of your business.

Leading towards the other half of the header, which deals in with the contact form. Here you like your visitor to submit and stay. Utilizing a robust CTA (call-to-action) can make them stay and fill in. Using fewer fields in the contact form is highly suggested. Filling the extra fields can make your visitor itchy and bounce back.

Unique Selling Points

PPC Landing Page

Great so far, it will not be a straightforward way to persuade your visitor to make deals with you. But, here you have plenty to learn yet. Anyhow, following DigiCodz is going to cover almost every aspect that how you can make them persuade and get all the details.

The primary task is to note down your Unique Selling Points (USPs). Now, lead with your products or services which is awesome obviously and mention every aspect that drives it superior to your competitors.

In short, simplicity is the key. Manage to add 3 to 6 USPs in between. Bursting great PPC landing pages with a lot of data can bore your visitor. Keeping things short and simple from headline to description is suggested. No one likes to read an essay or paragraph, frankly saying they are lazy, lead them with bullet point format.

Client Reviews

PPC Landing Page

When you see reviews on any product or service you fall for it blindly. And that’s how you are going to let your visitor fall for you. If your words are not enough for them to understand your product/service, let’s show them words from earlier clients.

This part will not be just as simple as above, manage to display everything you have, including company name, functions, tasks, achievements, and reviews. Adding customer logos are also recommended to make them believe that these are real clients.

And if you got mentioned or posted by a big media agency, there’s the chance to make it cash.

The Final Call-To-Action

PPC Landing Page

Ahh, what are you looking at? Landing Page finishes here? Oh yeah, it ends here with some catchy call-to-action at the footer of the page. As I mentioned, every visitor is lazy, and even if they are not convinced now, don’t make them scroll up back again. Let’s design it in an easy way, by summing up your last call to action.

Design a button for the that take them up right away, or add the same contact form at the bottom, so if they missed it above, now they put details here for sure.

Key Points:

As told, each business has its own unique method of presentation. Yet, we have listed some best practices for PPC landing pages that are almost the same for most businesses:

  • Design a landing page that is relevant to your targeted audience with your Google Ads.
  • Make your concentration on a single objective. For lead generation sites, generating leads is it. Extract all others.
  • USPs and customer reviews, softly forces your visitor to submit their details to you.
  • Find out which one is the best among all, with A/B testing.

In the end, if you find yourself busy and can not focus on all the factors all along, let’s DigiCodz web and graphics designers help you with your PPC landing page design for your multiple campaigns, contact us now!

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