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How To Optimise The Four Most Important Pages on Your Website?

You have been working on your website for a long time and still need to figure out why you are not getting traffic. It might be because you need to tune your website with proper SEO marketing strategies and save time and effort.

If you are interested in building your website’s strength with white label SEO, you should target the four primary pages: Home, Blog Page, About Page, and Contact Page. Targeting these pages will lead you toward better results and opportunities.

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The Four Primary Pages for SEO Efforts:

1- Home Page:

The home page is the most vital page of every business website, where you can either make your visitor stay or bounce back. This page represents your website structure, services, products, or anything else in your business. Creating attractive and visible headlines here is recommended. You are starting with the business logo, warm welcome your visitors with eye-catching slides and statements.

Keep things well-managed and short; only pop some things at a time to the user; they need clarification. The best website design company knows how to make a strong first impression to gain visitors’ interest and enthusiasm for them to keep exploring your business. And where you gain their interest, you can make your next move by placing your services or products in front.

2- About Us Page:

Everyone on the internet is looking for a business with unique ideas and experience. The About Us page is where you can show your visitor about your achievements and unique workflow—adding something about your company, vision and mission statements, working environment, and the company’s CEO. In addition, you can add customer reviews by whom you were working in the past; it enhances the trust factor among your business.

Users who visit this page are interested in your services and are now looking for more information about your business. Engage them with call-to-actions so that they will see something interesting on this page.

3- Blog Page:

Many business owners try to manage the SEO optimisation of websites on their own and need to remember to optimise and manage the blog page. However, an SEO strategy’s most important part is maintaining your blog and website with fresh content. This new and updated content will help your business grow faster. So, put your SEO efforts into it.

To know your visitor’s interest, you can design your blog page with the help of categories. Categorised content will help you to manage your content, plus it will give a better user experience. For example, you can highlight the important and current affairs on top of the sidebar so that visitors can read what they have found and engage with other updates.

4- Contact Us Page:

If you want leads on your business, your website should have a solid Contact Us Page. Then, you can convert your daily traffic into long-term clients. This will help your user get in touch with you, make deals, discuss many terms, and follow the consultant’s approach.

That’s the main part of a website where you put every detail of your business for your user, likewise:

  • Business Number
  • Business Email
  • Business Address
  • A Contact Us Form
  • FAQ
  • Most Beneficial A Chatbot
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How To Give Every Page A Marketing Booster?

Every page on your website can bring you many leads only if you use the proper SEO marketing strategy. Here are two primary factors where you need to focus and put more effort into optimising your website and the content and call-to-action. DigiCodz’s web design company can help you if it seems complicated.

Optimise Your Website Content:

Before starting, you should ask yourself some questions about these four pages:

1- Why did your user stay on your website? If your visitors do not find the potential they are searching for, they will bounce back smoothly. And if you want them to stay, read and engage, you have to provide them with the information for which they had visited a web page. To sustain their interest and give them what they need.

2. What is the source of their visit? The source of your visitor matters a lot, such as a visitor coming from an email link will have a different perspective and experience compared to a user coming from a search engine. Analyse your leads and try to use this data for better approaches. Design your website by keeping a user perspective in mind, and then you will see the differences.

Talking about content optimisation, structuring a content marketing strategy can lead your site to the next level. Keep updating your page content with new information and keep your users connected. Social Media platforms can also help update your content; the new user visiting the website and staying on it will help with site enhancement.

DigiCodz suggests you keep your website updated with the latest articles, videos, images, templates, and many more. In addition, a content writing services company can assist you in providing you quality content for your website.

Adding Calls to Action:

Call To Action helps you to guide your visitors on what Action they will be performing over this page. For example, you can find the phrase “Call Us” at the bottom of many informational blogs or pages.

Whenever you use CTA on your page or blog where you want a user to make an action, you have to place it where it feels organic. If you try to exploit your users, they will never act as you recommend them. Present the Action in such a way that they can’t resist themselves to perform it.

Always assume yourself as a user, and try to think whether this is a sensible thing for you. For instance, the ending statement of your About page should go as: “Adore what you find? Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself updated!”

Some basic actions you might require from your user:

  • Filling out the contact form
  • Get a free trial
  • Shop more products
  • Sign Up for Newsletters
  • Register to Submit ideas

It’s hard to place the best CTA on your page, which gives you leads, and you should get some assistance from a web design company. Expert website developers and SEO consultants can bring results by using CTA on your web pages and give you a better user experience.

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Build Your Website Strenght With On-Time Web Design Services:

The design and structure of a website can give your business great hype. However, using quality content and keeping your users engaged will provide an optimistic outcome. Feel free to work with professionals; it will save you time and effort.

As a leading web design company in Australia, we have a great experience and happy clients with excellent results. Get in touch with us now to learn more about web design and SEO services and how to make your business touch the sky online.

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