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14 Reasons Why Your Ad Is Not Shown In Google Search

Finally, you have published your PPC campaign, and now you are waiting for it to appear in Google search results. So you Google some keywords, and you can’t see your ad.

Don’t worry; there might be some reasons why the campaign needs to appear in Google search results.

There could be multiple reasons your ad is not showing up in Google. Always remember that there is some chance that if you are not catching up to your live campaign, it might be possible that your target audience has a different view. Anyways, it’s good to do deep research and gather information about why it is not visible to you.

For your assistance, Digicodz presents to you the 14 reasons why your campaign is not visible in Google search results:

Reason 1: Billing Problem

The first thing you must check is that you have an active account. If the ad is not visible in Google search results, perhaps there is an issue with billing facts.

If that’s an issue, you will see a red banner when you log into your Google Ads account. Of course, it’s perfect if you did not see anything like that, but to be specific, you should also look manually through Tools & Settings > Billing > Billing Summary.

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Reason 2: Paused Campaign or Ad Group

The paused campaign, ad group, ads, or keywords can cause an issue, so check and enable them. You may have skipped something while publishing your ad. Cross-check that all the vital aspects are enabled as they should have to be.

Reason 3: Pending Approval

Specifically, when you start working with a newly created Ads account, it periodically takes some time to approve an ad.

Generally, the ad approval process doesn’t take much time; it can take 24 hours, and in some cases, up to three days duration is required. If you find this a problem, the solution is to wait, and you can’t speed up this process.

Reason 4: Disapproved ads

While creating your campaign, you must obey Google’s complete procedures and policies. Otherwise, your ad will disapprove.

Google’s policies are based on four main zones:

  • Prohibited Content
  • Prohibited Methods
  • Restricted Content and Features
  • Editorial and Technical Policy

If an ad is disapproved, you should try to explore these zones. Furthermore, if each ad in your ad group is disapproved, perhaps a keyword is activated in the ad group.

Reason 5: Disliked Keywords

Sometimes Google does not approve specific keywords for ads. Likewise, those keywords and ads don’t meet Google’s guidelines set for advertisement.

Finding and removing those keywords is easy; go to the keyword tab and use the filter that displays disapproved keywords.

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Reason 6: Low CPC Bids

Low CPC bids are the primary issue; usually, a CPC bid that is very low than what is required to fulfill the task can cause problems. In general terms, your ads are perfect, but you have to bid high due to your competitors.

To make your ad visible, you must raise the CPC bids for your keywords.

Reason 7: Low-Quality Score

A low-Quality Score can also oppose your ads from being visible in search results, likewise the low CPC bids.

Published your first ad.; this is possible to have a Low-Quality Score. But when Google understands your activities and your ads are related to your audience, your Quality Score can be better. So in case your quality score is low, and you are bidding with a low CPC, your ad will not go live. To make it live, improve your CFC bids, and the Quality Score will increase by the time it will reduce.

You can find such keywords in the same place with the help of relevant filters.

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Reason 8: Target Location

Your physical absence in a specific location can create misunderstandings. Typically, people target those cities and areas where they are not physically present, which is why they can’t catch their ads live.

There are methods while setting your target location that “People In The Location” or “People Show Interest In Target Location,” so if you add the location to your phrase, you might see your ad.

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It comes with the default settings of the ads account, so it’s barely you might use it.

DigiCodz’s PPC experts recommend you start with the “People In The Location” approach so that your ad will trigger when a physically available individual search for it. Contact us if you need any help!

Reason 9: Target Radius

Targeting radius is much more challenging as compared to location targeting.

Google will not trigger your ad if you are not physically present in the specific location. For example, if your location is Sydney, Google will be sure that you are available in the radius. Still, if you target a smaller radius in Sydney, Google will not be confident whether you are in the target radius.

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Reason 10: Schedule Time

If you set up a campaign schedule, you won’t show your ads 24/7.

The schedule works with the time zone of your account. If you are in a distant time zone, you must schedule your ad time accordingly.

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Reason 11: Budget Limitations

Perhaps your ad is reached the budget limit.

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In consequence, your ad is visible, but at a particular time. Therefore, you can reduce the CPC bids instead of raising the amount. Like this, your ad might not be visible at the top but will be visible most of the time.

Remember, by reducing your CPC offers; you can strike with Reason 6.

Reason 12: Personalised Search

Google always look back at your search history, which they named “Personalised Search.” This implies that the ad rank you see is more diverse than it’s for someone else.

Thus, if someone catches an ad various times and never clicks it, Google will understand that the user is not interested or consider it a non-relevant audience and lower the ad position for that person.

Reason 13: Negative Keywords

If you don’t want to trigger your ad for irrelevant keywords, you design a negative keyword list and prevent your ads from triggering in search results. But in some cases, with the blockage of negative keywords, un-intentionally, the primary keywords also get blocked.

So, take a quick look at the list of negative keywords linked with the ad. And remove the keyword that might resemble your primary keyword.

Reason 14: Bid Adjustments

You may use the bid adjustments feature; it can also influence your ad to not appear in search results.

Indeed, if the bid adjustment is set to -100% for mobile devices, the campaign will not be visible to the search results on mobile devices.

But even if you set it up to -50%, it will conflict the reason six again.


I hope you have found out why your campaign is not appearing in search results. Remember that if the ad is not visible to your device, it does not mean that no one is catching it.

It would be best if you tried to use Google’s Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool to watch your ad. This will not include the Personalised Search, and you have control to change the devices, location, etc., very quickly.

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