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The 12 Best Healthcare Website Designs, Examples & Tips

Even the marketing of healthcare websites is not brain surgery, but it can be confusing which website makes sense and encourages condensation. Therefore we collect 12 healthcare website designs for healthcare which you can copy and make your website good and sell these changes.

Why you need to check up on healthcare website design: 7% of Google searches about healthcare-related. Approximately 8.5 billion searches about healthcare each day.

All searches are not related to the lead doctor’s office visit. Many of these contain simple questions about medication use or what to do in a hypothetical view, but these numbers define the number of patients who find you and engage with you online.

Therefore, your website must trust patients, such as the type they find in your clinical practice.

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The 12 best healthcare website design examples:

 The best way to get an idea for a healthcare website is to look for other examples. So, that helps you out. We also have the best healthcare website design to inspire and encourage you to do your own.

1- Maven Use Colour Psychology

It is compulsory that you have to select colors for your website that are important or special; otherwise, it makes low stakes. Color clarity is a thing just like you take the example of the Maven green website.

Research it is known that the green color has an effect on the psychological impact and improves pain and anxiety. The Maven’s green color palette seems internal and an excellent choice.

2- Medical Appeal to Your Audience Values

Everyone knows patients are critical in healthcare; you must know your audience. Take one medical home page. The tagline makes a promise to a new experience. The young man suggests a pleasant office and an enjoyable experience in the picture. The medical advice is offered by copy every hour.

One medical knows it is an opportunity to double: 43% chance to change the practice in the next few years. If you know your audience well and have good knowledge about their pain points, articulate how your offer is ideal for that audience. Then they should return to your website after one time experience.

3- Mayo Clinic:

There are so many searches about health-related because they are so many difficulties, whether you are getting flu and when you have a cold or searching for more information about current symptoms. Still, as a healthcare adviser, your patients have an important question. Why did they choose you?

So in additional FAQs and information pages, make it clear why you are the right choice for that patient.

healthcare website designs

4- Synergy Private Health:

Peoples like to see other people, and research support this. People naturally saw the people in the images when they watched the page of human faces.

If you do it right, that human’s images experience makes trust the people. The most important thing is to avoid stiff images instead of personal photos. If you can add healthcare providers, then it will be better.

5- Bright Health:

When working on a healthcare website design, you need to prioritize the functionality too. About 67% of people prefer online booking, which is surprising. Online booking makes the process painless and easier for patients.

So you have to make your process painless for your patients and make a good experience. Keep the design for your online booking, including strategy and color.

 6- Simple Practice:

As a marketer, you must acknowledge that positive reviews are suitable for any business and how detrimental bad reviews impact.

That’s because many people view the review before getting a complete service. The same is true for healthcare. Inearlyarby, 94% of healthcare patients go through website reviews to evaluate providers.

7- Northwestern Medicine:

We should have a vaccine for treatment and better knowledge of the treatment of cure; Even though we live with Covid-19, your office still has pandemic-specific guidelines, and many people know about them.

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8- Virtua Health – Cater to prospective and current patients:

When you are thinking about building a healthcare website, you have to know about the need of the patients. But remember that your current and old patients return to your website frequently. It would be best if you served those patients.

Virtua healthcare provides all information to their patients in a few quick ways. They need the telehealth links in the top menu bar and dropdown.

9- Dr. Rachel Paul:

Reviews and photos make a good experience for your website visitors, which builds patients’ trust in you and in you provide service, which is better than others. But this is not only a trust signal for your healthcare website design.

Take the example of Dr. Rachel’a healthcare website. The nutritionist’s many followers on her social media, such as Instagram and TikTok account prominently in the nav, present a cohesive brand identity.

10- Mass General Bringham: Let the number speak:

Mass general Bringham celebrates their quantity of annual patients, their provider packages, and their number or networks on a significant point. Therefore they show the people their sound and healthy experience.

healthcare website designs

11- Hartford Healthcare:

Featuring real people in your photographs is the best way to humanize your brand and healthcare website design. Video can similarly efficiently explain a good experience, allowing your healthcare providers to speak to your patients directly, which makes good sense for patients.

Hartford healthcare uses this last method in the video on its healthcare website on its front page.

12- The Lasik Vision institute – Make it easy to find you

Only some visits to your website will lead to new patients. But you make it easy to make every new visitor become your patient. The best way to design a healthcare website design to ensure that it is easy and practical to find your contact and your office.

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