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PPC – Google Ads Management


Key Expertise

PPC Audit

Keyword Search In Phrases of Estimated CPC, Competition, Search Volume

Campaign Draft

Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Graphics, Extensions, Negatives, Shout-Outs

Campaign Setup

Settings, Target Area, Bidding, Site links, Scheduling, Budgeting, Billing

Conversion Tracking

Developing and Induction of Conversions, i.e. Form Queries, Phone Buzzes, Deals, Sign-ups

Budget Monitoring

Routine Budget Monitoring To Complete Monthly Budget Precisely

Weekly Analysis & Modifications

Analysis and Modifications in Budgeting, Ads, Keywords, Attachments, and Bidding

Professional Services


Outsourcing Google Ads and PPC management experts is the first preference of any digital agency providing online services. And it would be best if you are sure that the one has enough experience and wisdom to handle a campaign that brings an optimum ROI for your agency and customers. DigiCodz team is skilled and fully trained with google ads management services, and they can share the burden. Google authorizes every segment of Google Ads marketing companies and resellers, and all are helped by rigorous activity and legal authority.


DigiCodz is a connoisseur in all aspects of Google Ads management & Pay Per Click reseller program. We are free to assist if you desire to conduct a display network, re-advertisements, search network, or Google Ads consultant for your agency. We are glad to offer complete white label Google Ads management.

Suppose you are looking for the right time to spend your efforts to attain obsession and expand your company in the digital world. It is the perfect time to unpack yourself and hire a white label PPC agency with DigiCodz. As a white label PPC management agency with a renowned and remarkable wholesale reseller program, we present an assisting hand and allow you to maintain attention on holding your customer’s delights.



(Keywords & Ads Research)


(Landing Pages Creation)


(Performance Reporting)


(For Conversion Optimisation)

“Always be relevant, create relevant campaigns, and give the user the answer to his query as precisely as you can”

Marko Kvesic


Maintaining track of the PPC campaign services of our clients is created simply in gratitude to DigiCodz information provided by our customer portal. Our reseller program and administration are the resources for your company to utilize and succeed. It gives you access to a broad range of skilled services and capabilities with which you can extend your enterprise abilities.

With DigiCodz functional marketing solutions, we can conduct your company and customers achieve success with our proficient team and their skills. While only some companies, and especially small businesses, don’t have the moment to operate their google advertising and other required marketing tools. For them, the best way is to outsource a PPC management company and hire a pro to guide the actions. It guarantees you can consistently put high-quality contact out without taking a while out from your plan or engaging a PPC management company at a considerable delivery cost. We evolve an element of your crew, providing you with additional resources to utilize as you require them. Be sure to reach our professionals when you need assistance with your job or the task of your valuable customers. We are here to offer service to help you when required to simplify your Pay Per Click reseller program. With our international space and capacity, we can guarantee that your company in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom succeeds with the top-of-the-line digital techniques to achieve in your enterprise. Whether handling your digital activities or carrying your customer workload, we can always assist you. Outsourcing a reseller program is the best method for any business owner to get at wholesale prices and begin raising your company directly.

Contact us to handle the routine procedures if you want to operate with a thriving Google Ads advertising agency. Save the time of boosting your company alone. DROP US A LINE TO GET YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY.

Our Skills

Why White Label Google Ads Management Agency?

Google Ads management, also known as PPC management. PPC is a digital strategy that helps you get the organic grip line and spend to achieve visibility into the digital world. This is ideal to have someone who is well experienced and has years of understanding handling your campaigns. And if you have chosen the excellent Pay Per Click reseller program or an agency for your PPC and Google Ads management, then it will be the fastest ROI for your company or your customer can get. DigiCodz has a group of highly skilled experts for PPC management services and is always available to refine and optimize your campaigns, guaranteeing that you will get a lot of excellent outcomes with your spending. With a great team, we can stand by with you to work on the best reseller program. Every crew member is qualified and authorized by Google certifications in white label PPC management services and Google Ads management.


It is the perfect time to start with Google Ads management services and share your backlog with our professionals. Our team can guide and assist you with remote services or by assigning a full-time resource to work with you. We are flexible to maintain your work standards and keep you focused on satisfying your customers. Outsource white label Google Ads agency now.


Why White Label Bing Ads?

White Label Bing Ads encloses a service that will guarantee the visibility of you and your customers on every important medium via paid digital marketing. As a proficient service, it permits the company or business to bid for good ranks, arrangements, and performance, spending to boost the traffic instead of waiting to reach your objectives organically—best practice to improve return on investment by enhancing business visibility to the digital marketing campaigns. DigiCodz’s service Bing Ads, assures that you will not only depend on the company’s performance but can also be sure to obtain the assistance of our experts to share the client’s work backlog. Some reasons why you should use this service:

  1. Expert methods are followed around all the social media platforms, including the Bing search engine.
  2. A thoroughly analyzed strategy that deals with every segment of the market and cover the complete demographic sequences.
  3. White Label Bing Ads in Australia provides complete access to you to bring more customers that your team can not accomplish.
  4. Concentrate on delivering tasks on time and leave the workload and pressure to DigiCodz’s skilled team.

You are always warmly welcome to trust DigiCodz’s Google Ads agency and share the resources among PPC and Bing Ads management. It’s our primary goal to help your business whenever you drop us a line and keep you relaxed while you are maintaining your client’s satisfaction or other vital business elements. We got your back from now on. Get in touch with us to have a detailed discussion.


Outsource Amazon Ads Management

To earn more clients on your Amazon, you can count on DigiCodz’s Pay Per Click advertising agency. You can climb up with Amazon search by-products outcomes and discover and engage with targeted customers. Our primary aim is to boost your product and store sales on the world’s most comprehensive digital platform. DigiCodz Amazon ads package begins with online marketing, good keyword research, Amazon PPC ads, sponsored brands, and many other things. Customized CPC marketing to improve the clarity of every product on the Amazon pages. These ads are based on demographics and targeted keywords delivered all around the Amazon search results, corresponding advertisement specs to claimed search questions.

You will surely get many benefits if you trust our Pay Per Click reseller program and Amazon Ads marketing. We are available to assist with your demands regarding sales and google advertising for small businesses whenever you drop us a line. Get connected and have a great chance to see the improvements in your digital growth with our services. Start raising your online agency immediately by white label PPC outsourcing.

An Asset That Assures A Recovery

It is vital to outsource Amazon ads marketing to reach a respected reseller with years of work practice and skillful outcomes to support your needs. At DigiCodz, we ensure you get the work done by prioritizing tasks and requirements to enhance your online presence and PPC ROI. Outsourcing a Google Ads consultant is an acquisition that provides recovery and is no route for a shortcut to the triumph of your enterprise. Instead, it is an enlightened company conclusion to stretch your sales prospect by putting you in a precise picture of your marked audience. If you are immersed in growing your company’s digital marketing, outsource your Amazon ads management to DigiCodz to participate in maximized digital presence and sales turnover.